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Tankless water heaters;
Vent-free or direct vent space heaters;
Storage-tank water heaters;
All gas power appliances that require ignition.

Yes. But in some cases, a tankless water heater’s maximum electrical output is 200W or more when anti-frost is running, when this happens, it can only connect one HUGO.
If freezing condition is not a problem, then you can connect two to three units to one HUGO, as long as the total output is under 350W. When the load is over the maximum rating of 350W, HUGO will go into overload protection mode and the fourth red LED light will indicate so. When this happens, remove load and the unit will automatically reset.

TSW is a much more efficient inverter. In some applications, it uses 15%-20% less wattage than a MSW. MSW may cause motors to become very hot and occasionally cause burnouts, it may also cause damages to transformers because of its lack of efficiency. When connecting a fan to a MSW, you can hear a humming sounds, on the other hand, when connected to a TSW, the fan runs smoothly without any noise.

You can, but you hardly need to. HUGO will provide 5-6 hours of tankless water heater operation and this normally is enough until the city power comes back on. For those rare incidences, yes, you can take a spare battery and connect it to HUGO.

The simplest way is to install a plug for your tankless water heater and then plug it into HUGO.

When and if the flow sensor fails to operate, it will not send a signal to tell HUGO to start. To troubleshoot the working status of the flow sensor, simply unplug the green 4 pin connector in front of the inverter, by doing so, it bypasses the flow sensor entirely. Now check to see if HUGO is running and providing power, if so, then the flow sensor has failed, please contact your service representative or HUGO to get a new flow sensor replacement.

Yes. Unplug the green port in the middle of the inverter tray, and connect a jumper for the "temp" port leaving the "flow" port unplugged.

Yes. HUGO is rated to be installed anywhere. It is completely sealed and all weather proof.

Please refer to our user manual section 3.2. Manual is also downloadable on our website.

2-3 years under normal ambient temperature. May be less if the ambient temperature is too severe.

The flow sensor should always be properly jacketed to protect from direct sunlight.

Attention Rinnai Users

It is not necessary or recommended to use the flow sensor when installing the HUGO system with a Rinnai water heater. Click here for more information.