How HUGO Works

Keep Your Tankless Water Heater Running During Power Outage

Welcome to HUGO Power Supply – Battery Backup Specialists 

When your city power is normal, HUGO passes the electricity directly to your tankless water heater;
When you have a power outage, HUGO will first determine whether or not you are using water.  If you are, then a command signal tells HUGO to direct and convert battery power to your tankless water heater immediately, within 12 milli-seconds.  When you are done using water and shut off all faucet, HUGO will immediate stop sending power to your tankless in an effort to preserve the battery for prolonged usage.  With this setup, if your average hot water usage is one hour per day, the HUGO battery should provide sufficient power for 5-7 days.



IMPORTANT:  Many people don’t know there is a ceramic heater inside most tankless water heaters, it is to prevent the heat exchanger from freezing and causing leaks that may be costly to repair or replace.  But if you loose power to your tankless water heater, then this feature won’t work.  With HUGO installed, there is a temperature sensor built into the HUGO to work in the same method as the ceramic heater does.  When you loose power and if the outside temperature falls below 37 deg F, HUGO will send battery power to your tankless regardless of water demand.  This will ensure your tankless water heater has the power it needs to protect your expensive equipment or house. 



SO WHY HUGO Power Supply?

  • Patented & Designed Specifically for Gas Tankless Water Heaters

  • Indoor/Outdoor “Weatherproof” Installation

  • Portable or Permanent Mount

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology

  • Compatible with Solar Panel Systems

  • 5-7 Hours of Continuous Operation